March 1919 in Paris France. The first Caucus meeting of the soldiers who formed the American Legion.

Hollywood Post 43 is the documentary film about the history of the American Legion Hollywood Post 43 and the American Legion as a whole. in 1919 at the end of WWI in Paris France war torn soldiers held a caucus to form a much needed organization to help veterans returning home from war. At that time there was no Veterans Administration, no Veteran Home Loans, no GI Bill, no benefits whatsoever. Great people such as Theodore Roosevelt Jr. and Madame Schumann Heink were instrumental in creating an organization that has been a pillar in helping veterans worldwide from every war since.


This film will move you and open your eyes and ears to things you never knew before. We have been proud and honored to make this film. There is still much more to be done before the film is finally completed.

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